Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ask EWG: What is a Fragrance

Manufacturers of personal care products, household cleaners, candles, and air fresheners don't have to disclose what chemicals make up their "fragrance"--that's all they have to list on the label. Jovana explains what chemicals "fragrance" may stand for, and why to avoid products with "fragrance" in them.

$2 Million of Potentially Harmful Cosmetic Eye Product Seized by FDA

In mid-November the FDA issued a press release announcing the agency's seizure of Age Intervention Eyelash, which is sold and distributed by Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. The FDA stated that it considered the product a misbranded drug for which a prior showing of safety and efficacy must be shown to- and approval obtained by- the FDA BEFORE marketing. The FDA also considered the product to be an adulterated cosmetic, as it contains a nasty thing called "bimatoprost."

These guys apparently didn't do what they were supposed to, instead calling the product a "cosmetic" for which prior FDA approval before marketing is not required; however, the company was still charged with adequately substantiating for safety before selling the product as a cosmetic.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Energy -- Presidential Candidates' Comments

I put a playlist together that's comprised of video clips from comments made by some of the Presidential candidates.Link

Lead In Lipstick

I just thought I'd pass on to anyone who's interested in Senator John Kerry's press release announcing that he and Senators Boxer and Feinstein have called on the FDA to do something about reported lead in certain lipsticks. I personally think that private solutions (e.g., litigation) should accompany political efforts to safeguard cosmetic/body care product consumers.

Power House: Experiments in Future Technics

I stumbled on this educational toy for kids. "Power House: Experiments in Future Technics provides an engaging introduction to regenerative energy sources while learning basic concepts and principles in physical science. The kit focuses on the heat and light energy from the sun, the energy from the wind, as well as with electrochemical and plant energy. You will learn how to transform and use these forms of energy. Includes an electric car kit!With this Power House kit you can build a model house complete with solar panels, windmill, greenhouse, and desalination system. You can build and operate an electric train, windmill, solar cooker, solar hot water tank, hygrometer, electric motor, power hoist, sail car, and more! Plant watercress, prepare sauerkraut, and make chewing gum. Learn how plants convert sunlight into energy for your body and your engines."

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Video List Re Cosmetics & Body Care Products

Here's a link to a working playlist of videos that I found in You Tube concerning views about safety, or lack thereof, of cosmetic and body care products.

The Richard Heinberg Interview Part - 2

This is part 2 of the interview.

The Richard Heinberg Interview Part - 1

This is part 1 of the Heinberg interview explaining peak oil and why it's important.